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Giant Bicycles started out as an OEM manufacturer for various branded bike companies. In 1986, they decided to brand their own bicycles under the brand Giant. Now Giant bikes are recognized as one of the best bike manufacturer with millions of bikes sold worldwide.

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2011 GIANT TCX 2 Compact road bikes Size Medium 22" Aluminum Shimano
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Giant road bikes are built with quality as a first priority. Giant has also invested heavily in research and development to create new designs which allow cyclists to have a faster and smoother ride. They have created the TCR Advanced road bike frame which fused the seat post and the frame together. This creates a light and faster carbon fiber bike. They also develop the Compact Road Design which slopes top tube towards the seat stays. This design allows a more compact and lighter road bike frame, which increase acceleration as there is less energy being diffused wastefully away.

Giant has also sponsored many international cycling teams. One of the more prominent teams that they sponsored is Team Columbia squad. Recently Team Columbia rider, Bert Grabsch won gold in the Time Trial World Championship 2008 on a prototype road bike.

Champions around the world choose Giant road bikes. You can’t go wrong with choices of champions.