Used Specialized Road Bikes At a Cheap Price

Specialized Bicycle Components was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. It invested heavily in Research and Development to create the best road bikes to cater the needs of different genres. You can find surely find a Specialized road bikes that will suit your needs.

Most Popular Specialized Road Bikes


Specialized Venge 54 cm Carbon fiber Road bike 700C. side pull
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US $ 1914.00

Bids: 10
Sale End In: 1 d 2 h 50 m

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Specialized Tarmac Pro 2011 Carbon Fiber road bikes Dura Ace 7900 UPGRADES EXTRAS 54cm
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US $ 610.00

Bids: 24
Sale End In: 3 d 8 h 48 m

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2013 Specialized Allez Race Cycling bike 54cm MEDIUM Shimano 105 DT Swiss
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US $ 650.00

Bids: 42
Sale End In: 3 d 10 h 25 m

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SCHWINN PELOTON Racing Bike road trek specialized gt cannondale seven fuji gary fisher
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US $ 103.51

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Sale End In: 2 d 9 h 8 m

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Vintage Racing Bicycles 1990s Specialized Allez Epic Carbon fiber Alum Lugs 22 in 55.88 cm
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US $ 275.00

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Sale End In: 15 h 7 m

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Vintage Specialized Allez Road bike 54cm frame
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US $ 203.00

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They have different models of road bikes for each different purpose. Langster model for velodrome, Transition model for triathlon racing, Tarmac model for competitive road, Allez model for competitive road, Roubaix model for performance endurance road, Ruby model for women’s performance road, Dolce model women’s performance road and Sequoia model for recreational performance road.

The flagship model for Specialized Road Bikes is the Specialized Roubaix road bikes. Roubaix has won extremely wonderful reviews from cyclists all around the world. Specialized Bicycle had designed an optimal ergonomic frame for Roubaix road bikes. It has a taller head tube with make the bar higher than other road bikes. This relieves a lot of stress off your wrists and back enabling you to feel less strain on your body even after a long ride. It is a terrific climber too. With its light and sturdy frame, climbing long ascend is a piece of cake for the Roubaix. You will almost think that you are riding on smooth cycling track even when you are on bad bumpy road. Roubaix has a good anti shock system where it eats up bumps for breakfast. It can tame all bad roads making your ride a breeze.

Specialized Bike is a trusted brand that most professional cyclists preferred. You cannot go wrong with the choices of the professionals. Specialized road bikes have gone through vigorous research and development before they are pushed out into the market. Get your Specialized Road Bike now. You will definitely love it. Whether you are a pro, semi pro or leisure cyclist, Specialized road bike is the one for you.